Bruchem, Inc wholesaler and supplier of chemicals and related products to the chemical reprocessing industry.
chemical wholesaler, chemical supplier, active ingredients, reagents, excipients, fine raw chemicals
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Brutanicals, Inc. - The northeast's most comprehensive supplier in the field of flavors & fragrances.
An essential oil supplier & wholesaler.
A division of Bruchem, Inc.

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chemical wholesaler, chemical supplier, active ingredients, reagents, excipients, fine raw chemicals
The Sales Association of the
Chemical Industry, Inc.

chemical wholesaler, chemical supplier, active ingredients, reagents, excipients, fine raw chemicals
Society of Cosmetic Chemists

We offer very competitive pricing and excellent service.

Bruchem, Inc. 10 Leighton Place Mahwah, N.J. 07430
Tel: 201-560-9300 Fax: 201-560-9310

Mission Statement
Bruchem, Inc.
has been a wholesaler and supplier of chemicals and related products since 1994. We are a fine chemical distributor to many specialized markets including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food service and beverage industries as well as nutritional (vitamin) industries. Bruchem has acquired decades of experience meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
Our strength is that we have established solid relationships with industry manufacturers of fine raw chemicals allowing Bruchem to distinguish itself in the market with reliability. Comprehensive technical support and service is essential to ensuring an ongoing relationship with our customers and we want to ensure that your experience with Bruchem is exceptional. Our knowledgeable chemical sales staff is available to handle all your questions and buying needs quickly and efficiently. At Bruchem, our primary goal is satisfying your needs and making sure that every order is on time, accurate and complete.

Product Information

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For a detailed listing of our product line please check our Products page.

product line is diverse and ever-expanding to meet market requirements. We offer a wide range of products essential to the chemical reprocessing industry. Our line includes products such as active ingredients, excipients, reagents, surfactants and essential oils.
Our product list is extensive offering major compounds and product groups such as emulsifiers, mineral oils, polysorbates, petrolatums, propylene glycol, citrates, acids and silicones.

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